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Industrial Strainer Manufacturer

The Industrial Strainers are used in the industries to remove the unwanted materials from the flow and purify it. Depending on the mesh size provided in the strainer can filter out the particles of various sizes starting from small to large. The strainers are useful in both the industrial and commercial areas for its ability to protect the pipe and the machine from the stones, dust and other debris that come along with the flow of liquid. As a manufacturer, Axegic is the well known company to provide customers with the best range of strainers in a number of specifications. There are mainly two kinds of strainers which are widely used: Y Strainers and Bucket Type Strainer. The strainers are mainly used in the industries like process industries, power plants, oil and gas industry, paper industry, food and pharmaceutical industry, refineries, etc. You can select the type of strainer that you require and even customize it to your needs.



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