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Electrically actuator valves with remarkable efficiency are available from us, a prominent and leading manufacturer from Ahmedabad.

We are the best Manufacturer and Supplier of Electric Actuator Valve.

Electric quarter-turn valve actuators are electromechanical devices used to control quarter-turn valves such as ball and butterfly valves from a distance. Electric valve actuators provide a more energy-efficient, clean, and silent means of valve control than their pneumatic and hydraulic equivalents. They can be purchased as a bundle with the valve or separately and installed on an existing quarter-turn valve.

Electrical Actuator Valve Manufacturer

Quarter-turn valve electric actuators are a form of rotary motorised valve actuator. A quarter-turn electric rotary actuator can only turn 90 degrees since it converts electric energy into rotational force. Torque is generated by the electric motor and sent to the valve through an output drive. The voltage options for motors are either AC (alternating current) or DC (direct current), or they can run on both. The motor is enclosed in a sturdy, compact chassis that also houses other actuator components including gearings, limit switches, and wiring. A suitable connection interface, such as an ISO 5211 standard, is used to link the whole assembly to a valve.

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