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 Motorized Valve Manufacturers

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A Motorized Valve is one with an electric motor that opens or closes its mechanism. This valve is best for big valves or remote fluid control applications including aeroplane deicing, agricultural irrigation, and automatic fire suppression. The majority of valve types are suitable for motorized applications, with gate, ball, and butterfly valves being the most prevalent. The Motorized Valve is also ideal for remote flow control applications that need incremental valve action. The internal fluid control mechanisms of motorized valves are nearly identical to those of manual valves; the main variation is the valve actuation inputs.

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Motorized Valves utilise electricity to guide water from the boiler to where it needs to go in central heating systems - either to the cylinder coil to heat the hot water or to your heating circuit to heat (usually) your radiators.

In a central heating system, a Motorized Valve is used to control the flow of water. The motorized valve controls the flow of water from the heating boiler to other elements of the system, and it may be used for both heating and hot water control.

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